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Pixel X800 Pro Flash

รูป Pixel X800 Pro Flash
รูป Pixel X800 Pro Flash
รูป Pixel X800 Pro Flash
รูป Pixel X800 Pro Flash
รูป Pixel X800 Pro Flash


GN: 60 (ISO100/200mm)
Flash Coverage Range: 20 to 200mm
Auto Zoom: According to shooting angle and image to auto adjust the coverage range
Manual Zoom: According to camera or flash setting to adjust the zoom range
Flash Mode: ETTL/M/Mult
Stroboscopic Flash: 1-500Hz
Wireless Flash: Radio Transmission/Optical Transmission Support Optical Control/Slave,S1/S2
SYNC Mode: High Speed Sync, 1st Curtain Sync, 2nd Curtain Sync
Adjustable Angle: Up/Down: -7/90 degree Left / Right: 180 degree/180 degree
Left/Right: 180 degree/180 degree
Manual Flash: 1/128-1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)
Recycle Time: Less thane 2.5 sec.(1/1 full power output)
LCD Display Screen: High definition dot matrix screen
Internal Power Source: 4×AA size Alkaline or rechargeable batteries (4×1.5V)
External Interface: Hot shoe, PC port and USB port
EV: in 1/3rd increments (±3 stops)
FEB: in 1/3rd increments (±3 stops)
Battery Life: 180 times (1/1 flash output, with SanyoEneloop batteries)
Flash Tube: Ultra long battery life design
Overheating Warning: Multi dot matrix temperature control, battery overheating warning.
AF-Assist Beam: Support
Firmware Upgrade: Support
Dimension: 78.04mm×60.05mm×193.00mm
Weight: 408.7g (excluding battery)
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